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"Earning While We're Learning"
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Kathleen Ayers
Wealth Generators Team
"Earning while We're 
Visions: The act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.
Prosperity: A successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune.
What will Visions To Prosperity do for you?
We help you to make your visions a reality so that you will be successful and earn residual income. 
The purpose of my website is to be that platform where people around the world can connect, network and like and share content. 
I want people to be able to purchase quality products, browse for services, content and opportunities that they can use to build their businesses that will generate wealth that will be life changing while working from home.
If it is their dream to supplement their existing incomes, take well deserved vacations, travel around the world or whatever their dreams may be, I want my website to be the place that helps them make their dreams a reality.
I want my website visitors to come here and browse, like and share it with people around the world and then continue to return time and time again.
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