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"Earning While We're Learning"
Make Your Visions Real!
  • Do YOU see your visions?

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It must be real for you in your mind, so you will take action to make it happen. 

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 My Favorite Quotes

    "When you hold onto your history,
      you do it at the expense  of your destiny."
    "A wise man changes, but a fool, never."
     "Make no small plans, for they have no power
       to stir the souls of men." 
I am Kathleen Ayers
a retired educator and a native of Caldwell, Texas. I graduated from Smith High School in Gause, Texas. 
I had great mentors in my life, including parents who were number one, that inspired me to be the change in the world
I wanted to see.
Because of these mentors, I entered Paul Quinn College and graduated in 1973 and became a teacher.
I lived and worked in the Waco, Texas area for twelve years. My first of many teaching assignments was in the maximum security unit at Gatesville State School for boys in Gatesville, Texas.
That assignment prepared me for life and inspired me to be the BEST Mentor that I could be to young people everywhere.
In 1980, I relocated to Fort Worth, Texas where I taught middle school students and entered graduate school at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas and graduated with honors with a Masters Degree in Education and Guidance and Counseling.

I am fulfilling a life-long dream of being a business owner that helps people change their lives and realize their full potential and financial dreams.

  My Goals and Dreams

       My dreams are to pay all my good fortune
       forward and to teach the power of duplication
       to all of the people whose heart I will touch so
       that they can continue the legacy of "
       Paying It Forward." 
       It is my dream and goal to set up a scholarship
       fund for my immediate and extended family to
       keep the power of the educated mind
       empowered. Then, when God sees fit, I will
       extend that dream to reach the world.
                "Earning while learning"